10 Weird Things Happen to Your Body in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be one of the best experiences of a woman’s life. From the day you start planning your parenthood to the day you hold your baby in your arms, the journey is commendable. However, every woman has her own pregnancy journey.

We know pregnancy changes our body in a number of ways. The major changes we know are probably the appearance of baby bumps and changes in our eating patterns. But pregnancy is way more than After seeing those lines on pregnancy test strips, a series of changes start to happen.

Well, pregnancy tests are one of the common laboratory tests. Pregnancy test prices can vary but it is enough to mark the beginning of your journey towards motherhood. Let’s look at the journey a little bit differently and find out some of the sneaky signs of pregnancy. 

Some Sneaky Pregnancy Signs

Here is all you need to know about some of the weird things that happen during pregnancy.

1- Stuffed Nose

Just like you tend to have a stuffy nose during winter, some women can also experience this. We also call it pregnancy rhinitis. It generally feels like you have been hit with allergens. Just like a stuffy nose, some women have runny noses throughout the pregnancy. This happens because of an altered supply of blood to your mucosal membranes. You can try home remedies the medicinal treatments to get rid of the problem.

2- Changes in libido

Often among pregnant women, there are libido changes. Sometimes they want too much of it or don’t want it completely. Well, all thanks to your fluctuating hormones that tend to give rise to these kinds of changes. This is something that varies from woman to woman.

3- Nose Bleeds

Other than a stuffy nose, some women also experience nose bleeding during pregnancy. Yes, this is basically the discharge of blood from the nasal area. All this happens because your body starts to run efficiently on the blood supply system to support the nourishing child in your body. So, this makes your blood vessels more susceptible to bursting than ever. This leads to increased chances of nosebleeds in women.

4- Gums Bleeding

Yes, I am talking about pregnancy gingivitis. This is another sneaky pregnancy sign. This again happens due to increased blood flow in the body region. Further, your gums become sensitive to the deposition of plaque as a result of hormonal changes in your body. This tends to make your gums swell, which is why many women suffer from bleeding gums during pregnancy.

5- Drooling

Just like babies, you can find yourself drooling in pregnancy. Yes, as a response to nausea in pregnancy your salivary glands become hyperactive which then increases the production of saliva from your mouth. So, you are more likely to be a victim of hypersalivation. Well, you can control it by trying to chew gum and try to change your eating patterns a little bit to get rid of nausea.

6- Pregnancy Brain

This exactly goes as it says. There are changes in your focusing ability and you can even start forgetting things. This is often termed as pregnancy bran. This happens because the drastic hormonal changes occurring in your body tend to alter your cognitive ability due to which many women start experiencing pregnancy.

7- Increased Sensitivity

Some women are actually good at smelling objects. However, pregnancy tends to even make their olfactory sense grow sharper. This again happens due to hormonal changes in your body. You are now able to smell the things you were previously not. This is all good unless your body starts associating these smells with mood swings.

I remember one of my colleagues had a severe sensitivity to smells. She then sought medical advice from the best gynecologists in Rawalpindi and managed her condition. 

8- Pregnancy Glow

Well, we all know that pregnancy glow is a thing. The dewy skin we always longed for often comes during pregnancy. However, this is due to the changes in metabolism in your body that tend to change your appearance. These skin changes are often associated with a high level of sweating in the body. 

9- Snoring

You might be hating your partner snoring throughout all those years but your start doing it yourself while pregnant. Sounds embarrassing? Well, this is next on the list of sneaky pregnancy signs. This also occurs due to changes in mucus production. All you can do is try remedies to keep your nasal passages open.

10- Leaky Breasts

Your body starts producing milk to nourish your newborn. But even before your little one arrives, your body starts preparing milk which results in leaky breasts. Not only this but your nipple shape and size also changes drastically while you are pregnant. 

Bottom Line!

Pregnancy is all about these and many essential health signs. So, right care of yourself and keeping an eye on these signs is important to protect yourself and your little one.

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