Grande Island experience with Water sports & Scuba Diving


Grande Island is a famous picnic spot, placed in the Zuari River in Goa. The quality time to visit the island is among November and March. While, during the monsoons, the water activities are banned on the island. The island has a jetty that may be utilized by human beings coming there by means of their very own cars or the ones who’ve hired a vehicle in Goa. Grande Island is an excellent vacation spot for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and swimming. There are various water activities provided with the aid of many tour operators in this island


Grande Island is a popular picnic spot, located within the Zuari River in Goa. The first-rate time to go to the island is among November and March.Grande Island is a famous picnic spot, positioned in the Zuari River in Goa. The great time to go to the island is between November and March.This area became once an active port for small fishing boats until it fell into disuse when massive ships commenced using it as their home port after independence from Britain in 1947.

water sports are banned

While, at some stage in the monsoons, the water sports are banned on the island. The island has a jetty that may be used by humans coming there with the aid of their very own vehicles or the ones who’ve employed a car in Goa.


Even as you are at the island, you may take part in water sports activities like jet skiing and crusing. However, throughout monsoon months (June-October), you’ll want to move with the aid of boat because the water sports are banned on Grande Island at some point of this time.You will be capable of dock at a jetty this is used for docking and disembarking; loading and unloading; parking your vehicle or hiring one from Goa.

spot for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and swimming

Grande Island is a great vacation spot for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and swimming. There are numerous water sports provided by many excursion operators on this island.


Grande Island is a great vacation spot for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and swimming. There are numerous water sports offered by means of many tour operators in this island.

The quality time to go to Grande Island is from November via March while there are less tourists. You may easily attain the island by using ferry or aircraft from Port Blair or Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh nation of India (AP). The maximum handy mode of delivery might be boat which takes about 2 hours to move the sea among Kollam port at south west coast of Kerala nation with Neemrana fortress as its landmark; however you could additionally pick out some other form of transport like teach or bus in case you desire! Once on-board your excursion operator’s vessel they’ll drop off at one side wherein they choose up some other boat wearing travelers heading towards their destination factor in this beautiful archipelago amongst tropical islands surrounded via crystal clear waters teeming with existence forms along with jellyfish, fish etcetera…


It’s miles positioned at about 15 km from Margao city which makes it without difficulty handy for vacationers who desire to discover the pristine beaches and different attractions in South Goa.The island is located at about 15 km from Margao metropolis which makes it without difficulty accessible for vacationers who desire to explore the pristine seashores and different points of interest in South Goa.

It is placed at about 15 km from Margao town which makes it effortlessly handy for travelers who wish to discover the pristine seashores and different points of interest in South Goa.Island experience from Goa involves snorkeling, dolphin spotting, aquatic activities such as Kayaking, speed Boat journey and Fishing. There may be a stop for lunch (Veg/Non-veg). Different matters do to are Scuba Diving and fishing at Grande Island with equipment furnished through professionals.



Dolphin spotting

Aquatic sports such as Kayaking, speed Boat journey and Fishing. There can be a stop for lunch (Veg/Non-veg). Different things do to are Scuba Diving and fishing at Grande Island with gadget furnished by way of professionals.

An afternoon trip to Grande Island from Panjim or Colva includes visits to Maina fort, Bat Island, Condolim beach, Dona Paula Jetty and Salim Ali chicken Sanctuary in North Goa in addition to Dolphin Viewing, sightseeing of Vasco Da Gama town and Miramar seashore in South Goa.

Grande Island is a popular picnic spot and has its own jetty that can be utilized by humans coming there by using their very own automobiles or the ones who’ve hired a vehicle in Goa. The nice time to go to is among November and March while the climate is cooler and there are fewer vacationers.

The island has several places for visitors to revel in water sports activities like surfing, scuba diving and so on., as well as sightseeing of Vasco Da Gama city and Miramar beach in South Goa.


So, are you ready for this adventure? In case you are, then book your seats now and come with us to Grande Island. We can ensure that each one your expectancies can be fulfilled as we discover the island collectively!


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